AFSCME Low Cost Bachelor’s Degree Program


The program will start with bachelor’s level courses offered in Education, Business Administration or Criminal Justice. More programs will be added in 2020.
AFSCME members and their eligible family members now have the opportunity to earns their bachelor’s degree at a significantly reduced price. Courses are offered in both 16- and 8-week formats. All courses will be conducted 100% online and students can take one or more courses. Start dates are every eight weeks thereafter.

Who Can Apply?

AFSCME members in good standing (including Retirees), their children, grandchildren, spouses, domestic partners, and more. Family members do NOT need to be financial dependents or living with the member to be eligible.
Eligible students can earn a bachelor’s degree online, with low to no out-of-pocket costs.

When Can You Apply?

Apply anytime, classes start every 8 weeks.


AFSCME is offering this to its members and their family members. Eligible students will be able to earn their degree online at a significantly reduced cost, anywhere from $0 to no more than $187.50 per credit hour.

Complete the Inquiry form to confirm your eligibility and an advisor will contact you regarding next steps.


Online classes let you balance life’s demands, making it possible to go to school while you continue to work.


You can choose either 8 weeks or 16-week classes, and 24/7 access means you can work on assignments any time of day, anytime during the week!


Graduate from a respected, regionally accredited academic institution. CSU is governed by the Ohio Department of Higher Ed and is part of the University System of Ohio.